Results List

The results list shows all files that have been found according to the category filter.

Text Search

In the text search field on the results list toolbar, you can enter text contained in the name or any of the attributes of a preset that you are looking for. The results list is updated immediately and the category search section above shows all categories that contain presets matching the text search.

To reset the text-based result filter, click Clear Search Text next to the search field.

To restrict the search to the names only, activate Search Names Only . This way, other attributes are not taken into account.

View Filters

The toolbar has three filter buttons that allow you to define which preset types to display: multis , programs , or layers . In the results list, the corresponding icon is shown to the left of the preset name.

Rating Filter

You can limit the results list according to the rating of the presets. Use the rating slider to define the minimum rating.

Content Filters

The content filter buttons allow you to define whether to show the entire content , only the factory content , or only your user content .

Rescan Disk

Rescans the disk for files that match the search criteria. Click this button if you added or removed files on your hard disk, for example.

Set Up Result Columns

Allows you to select which attribute columns to display on the toolbar.

Results Counter

Displays the number of files that match the filter criteria. To stop an active scanning process, click in the value field.