Assigning General MIDI Program Change Numbers to Sounds

Assigning General MIDI program change numbers to sounds allows you to use MIDI program change messages to load the sounds into the slot of the corresponding MIDI channel.


  1. In the MediaBay, click Set up Result Columns on the title bar of the lower section.
  2. Select Musical > GM Sound.
  3. Select the sound to which you want to apply the GM program change number.
  4. In the GM Sound column for the sound, select the General MIDI program change number that you want to use.

    You can assign the same GM Sound program number several times. If a program number is used more than once, the Rating attribute can be used to decide which program to load.


    Slot 10 ignores any program change messages and keeps the loaded drum set.


    If you add GM Sound attributes to programs in the MediaBay and these attributes are used in the current multi, you can update the multi by right-clicking the multi loader and selecting Update General MIDI Programs. This exchanges those programs that use the specified GM Sound attribute. The other programs remain unaffected.