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The Histogram tool displays velocity and MIDI CC values as a chart, with values grouped according to their frequency distribution. It allows you to change values on a large scale, including across entire tracks; for example, increasing all velocity values proportionally.

  • You can show the Histogram tool in the Velocity and MIDI CC editors by clicking Histogram in the corresponding editor header.

Histogram tool with elements labelled
  1. Chart shape

    Allows you to change the shape of the Histogram chart.

    • Bars : Values are displayed as bars.

    • Area : Values are displayed as an area.

  2. Histogram filter

    Allows you to filter the values shown in the Histogram tool.

    • All/All notes: Shows all values for all instruments currently shown in the Key Editor.

    • Voice: Shows only notes in the selected voice. Only available in the Velocity editor.

    • Selection: Shows only values for selected items.

  3. Histogram chart

    Shows values according to the selected filter. The X axis represents numerical values, while the Y axis represents the frequency distribution of the corresponding values.

  4. Histogram controls

    Allow you to change the values currently in view.

  5. Reset

    Resets all values currently in view.


If you want to change values on a smaller scale, you can use the Transform tool.