Changing the staff size from system/frame breaks

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You can change the staff size of all staves from the rhythmic position of system/frame breaks onwards in layouts. For example, you can have smaller staves only on pages with more staves, and larger staves on other pages with fewer staves.


If the size of system object font styles is set to Staff-relative, the staff size of the top staff in each instrument family group affects the size of system objects if they are shown above that bracketed group. Font styles that are set to Absolute are unaffected by staff size.


  • You have inserted system/frame breaks at the positions from which you want to change the staff size.

  • Signposts are shown for system/frame breaks.

  • The lower zone is shown.

  • Properties is selected in the lower zone toolbar.

  • Graphic Editing Graphic Editing button is selected in the Engrave toolbox.


  1. In Engrave mode, select the system/frame break signposts from which you want to change the staff size.
  2. In the Properties panel, activate Space size in the Format group.
  3. Change the value in the value field.


The staff size of all staves in the layout is changed until the next change in staff size or the end of the flow, whichever comes first. Increasing Space size increases the staff size. Decreasing the value decreases the staff size.

By default, the next flow uses the default staff size in the layout.