Hiding/Showing staves from system/frame breaks

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You can manually change staff visibility from the rhythmic positions of system/frame breaks onwards by hiding, showing, and resetting individual staves. For example, if you have hidden empty staves in the layout but want specific empty staves to appear in some sections, or you want to hide staves with music on them in some layouts.


  1. Optional: If you want to change staff visibility manually from a rhythmic position that does not yet have a system/frame break, select an item at the position from which you want to change staff visibility.
  2. Open the Manual Staff Visibility dialog in one of the following ways:
    • If a system/frame break signpost exists at the position where you want to change staff visibility, select it and press Return or double-click it.

    • If no system/frame break exists, choose Edit > Notations > Staff > Manual Staff Visibility. You can also choose this option from the context menu.

  3. Change staff visibility as required.

    For example, you can activate and change the setting for individual staves, or use the options in the action bar to change the setting for all staves simultaneously.

  4. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog.


Staff visibility is changed from the selected rhythmic position or system/frame break signpost onwards until the next staff visibility change or the end of the flow, whichever comes first and whether the staves are empty or not.

If a system/frame break signpost did not yet exist at the selected rhythmic position, a system break with your staff visibility settings is inserted at the selected rhythmic position.