Creating custom rhythmic feels for swing playback

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You can create custom rhythmic feels that you can use for swing playback; for example, if you want a swing ratio that is not provided by default. You can create entirely new rhythmic feels or rhythmic feels based on existing ones.


  1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-P to open Playback Options.
  2. In the category list, click Timing.
  3. In the Rhythmic Feel section, click Edit to open the Rhythmic Feel dialog.
  4. Create a new rhythmic feel in one of the following ways:
    • To create an entirely new rhythmic feel, click New .

    • To create a new rhythmic feel based on an existing one, select the existing rhythmic feel in the rhythmic feels list and click New from Selection .

  5. Enter a name for the rhythmic feel in the Name field.
  6. Move the Low tempo slider to the swing ratio you want.
  7. Optional: If you want the swing ratio of your custom rhythmic feel to vary according to the tempo, activate Depends on tempo.
  8. Optional: If you activated Depends on tempo, change the bpm values for the following options, individually or together:
    • Low tempo

    • High tempo

  9. Optional: If you activated Depends on tempo, move the High tempo slider to the swing ratio you want.
  10. Choose one of the following for Swing unit:
    • 8th (Quaver)

    • 16th (Semiquaver)

  11. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog.
  12. Click Apply, then Close.