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You can export individual flows from projects; for example, to save small excerpts of large projects separately.


These steps export flows as separate Dorico projects. If you want to export flows as other file formats, such as MusicXML or MP3, there are different methods.


If you want the exported flows to include all players and layouts in the project, including players with no music, you have deactivated Omit excluded players and layouts when exporting flows in Preferences > General > Files.


  1. Choose File > Export > Flows to open the Export Flows dialog.
  2. Activate/Deactivate Export each selected flow as a separate file.
  3. In the Select flows to export list, activate the checkbox for each flow you want to export.

    You can also click Select All or Select None at the bottom of the list.

  4. Activate/Deactivate Export layouts as separate files.
  5. Optional: If you activated Export layouts as separate files, activate the checkbox for each layout you want to export in the Select layouts to export list.

    You can also click Select All or Select None at the bottom of the list.

  6. Click Choose Folder beside the Export to field to open the File Explorer/macOS Finder.
  7. Locate and select the destination folder you want.
  8. Click Choose to insert the new path in the Export to field.
  9. Activate/Deactivate Create folder for exported files.
  10. Click OK to export the selected flows and layouts and close the dialog.