Inputting repeat markers with the popover

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You can input repeat markers, including repeat jumps and repeat sections, using the repeats popover, both during note input and by adding them to existing music.


  1. In Write mode, do one of the following:
    • Start note input.


      During note input, you can select additional notes before/after the last input note without deactivating the caret by pressing Shift-Right Arrow/Shift-Left Arrow.

    • Select an item at the rhythmic position where you want to input a repeat marker.

      For repeat jumps, we recommend that you select the barline with which you want the end of the jump instruction to align. For repeat sections, we recommend that you select the barline with which you want the start of the section marker to align.

  2. Open the repeats popover in any of the following ways:
    • Press Shift-R.

    • In the Notations toolbox, click Popovers Popovers button, then Repeats Repeats button.

  3. Enter the appropriate entry for the type of repeat marker you want into the popover.

    For example, enter coda to input a coda section or enter $ to input a segno.

  4. Press Return to close the popover.


During note input, repeat markers are input at the caret position. Coda sections are automatically formatted so that there is a gap between the coda and the preceding material.

When adding repeat markers to existing music, they are input at the rhythmic position of the earliest selected item.

Repeat markers that indicate the end of a section, such as Fine and D.C. al Coda, are right-aligned with the selected rhythmic position.