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The Repeat Structures panel contains the different types of repeat notations available in Dorico Pro, including repeat endings, tremolos, and bar repeats. It is located in the right zone in Write mode.

Tremolos are included in the Repeat Structures panel because they indicate that notes are repeated, either individually as single-note tremolos or in sequences as multi-note tremolos.

  • You can hide/show the Repeat Structures panel by clicking Panels , then Repeat Structures in the Notations toolbox.

    You can also hide/show the right zone by pressing Ctrl/Cmd-9.

The Repeat Structures panel contains the following sections:

Repeat Endings

Contains options that allow you to input new repeat endings and add additional endings to existing repeat endings.

Repeat Jumps

Contains different types of repeat markers that instruct players to jump to a specific point in the piece, such as “D.S. al Coda”.

Repeat Sections

Contains different sections used in conjunction with repeat jumps, such as “Coda”.


Contains different types of single-note and multi-note tremolos.

Rhythm Slashes

Allows you to input a region that displays rhythm slashes that are automatically formatted to be compatible with the prevailing time signature.

Bar Repeats

Allows you to input a region that indicates that the preceding bar is repeated without re-notating the bar.


You can input bar repeat regions with different bar groupings when using the repeats popover.

Numbered Bars

Allows you to input a region that displays bar counts without additional notations.