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The Fretboard panel allows you to input notes for fretted instruments using the corresponding fretboard layout for the selected instrument type, and displays the pitches of the earliest selected notes as stopped strings with blue dots. It is located in the lower zone at the bottom of the window in Write mode.

During note input, the notes you press in the Fretboard panel are input. Outside of note input, Dorico Pro plays the notes you press using the instrument sounds of your most recent selection but does not input them.

  • You can show the Fretboard panel by showing the lower zone, then clicking Fretboard in the lower zone toolbar.

Fretboard panel showing the fretboard for a classical guitar with three stopped strings

The Fretboard panel toolbar contains the following options:

Advance Caret
Advance Caret button

Advances the caret by the currently selected note duration without inputting notes. Extends notations with duration, such as gradual dynamics and pedal lines. Only available during note input.

You can also advance the caret by pressing Space.

Delete Left
Delete Left button

Deletes notes at the previous rhythmic position and moves the caret back to that position. Only available during note input.

You can also delete notes/items during note input by pressing Backspace.


You can delete notes/items outside of note input by pressing Backspace or Delete.

Set Note Duration
Set Note Duration buttons

Allows you to select a note duration, both for the next notes you input during note input and to change the duration of existing notes outside of note input.

You can also select note durations by pressing the corresponding key command or by clicking note durations in the Notes panel in the left zone.