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The Paragraph Styles dialog allows you to change existing paragraph styles for text and create new styles. You can later apply paragraph styles to individual paragraphs in text frames or all text within a single text item by choosing them in the text editor.

For example, you can customize the paragraph style for layout names and then apply your layout name paragraph style to the layout name token in every applicable text frame. This allows you to keep the presentation of different types of text consistent across your project.

  • You can open the Paragraph Styles dialog by choosing Library > Paragraph Styles.

Paragraph Styles dialog

The Paragraph Styles dialog contains the following sections and options:

  1. Paragraph styles list

    Contains all the paragraph styles in the project. If you had text items selected when you opened the dialog, the corresponding paragraph style of the first selected item is selected in the paragraph styles list by default.


    If you cannot find a particular paragraph style, it might instead be a font style.

    The action bar at the bottom of the list contains the following options:

    • New : Creates a new paragraph style with default values.

    • New from Selection : Creates a copy of an existing paragraph style that you can edit separately from the original. The new paragraph style uses the original as its parent by default.

    • Save as Default : Saves the selected paragraph style to your user library, allowing you to use it in multiple projects. Appears as for paragraph styles saved as default.

    • Revert to Factory : Removes all your changes to the selected paragraph style, returning it to its saved settings.

    • Delete : Deletes the selected paragraph style.


      You cannot delete predefined paragraph styles or any paragraph style that is currently used in your project.

  2. Name

    Allows you to enter a name for new paragraph styles or edit the name of existing paragraph styles.

  3. Parent

    Allows you to choose a parent paragraph style from which the selected paragraph style inherits settings. Activated options override the parent style settings.

  4. Font preview

    Displays a preview of the selected paragraph style using its current settings.

  5. Font appearance options

    Allow you to change parameters of the appearance of the paragraph style font, such as changing the font, making the font bold, changing the size of the font, and changing the letter or word spacing. You can also make the font in paragraph styles appear underlined or overlined.

  6. Border options

    Allow you to show borders by default on text that uses the paragraph style and to change the border settings, such as thickness, style, and padding between the border and text.

    • When Border is deactivated, text items use the default border and padding values set on the Text page in Engraving Options.

    • We recommend only using paragraph style borders for text frames that contain a single paragraph. If you want to show some paragraphs with borders but other paragraphs without borders, we recommend using separate text frames.

  7. Paragraph layout options

    Allow you to change the layout of the paragraph style, such as changing the first line indent, line spacing, and text alignment.

  8. Color options

    Allow you to change the foreground and background colors of the paragraph style.