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For music with repeated passages, repeat endings show which bars are played at the end of each repetition, with different endings each time if required. They are also known as “volta lines”, or as “first and second endings”, but in this documentation, we refer to them as “repeat endings”.

Repeat endings comprise two or more segments, where each segment contains a different possible ending. When you input repeat endings, Dorico Pro automatically inputs an end repeat barline at the end of the first segment. Segments in repeat endings are clearly marked with solid lines above and numbers that indicate the playthroughs in which the segment is used.

A repeat ending with three playthroughs divided across two endings

Dorico Pro allows you to create repeat endings containing any number of segments, and allows you to control which segments are used for each playthrough. For example, you might want a repeat ending with two segments but four total playthroughs, where the first two playthroughs use the first repeat ending segment and the final two playthroughs use the second repeat ending segment.

In Dorico Pro, repeat endings are categorized as system objects. Therefore, repeat endings follow your per-layout settings for the visibility and positioning of system objects.

Video tutorial about repeat endings (English)