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Text items exist at rhythmic positions within flows and allow you to display generic text in the music.

You can customize the formatting of text in text items using the available text editor options, such as by applying different paragraph styles to each line of text and different character styles to each character.

A text item below a piano staff

In Dorico Pro, there are the following types of text items:

Staff-attached text

Text items that apply to individual staves and only appear on those staves.

System-attached text

Text items that apply to all staves and appear in all applicable layouts. In Dorico Pro, system-attached text is categorized as a system object. Therefore, system-attached text follows your per-layout settings for the visibility and positioning of system objects.

  • You can only use tokens in text frames. You cannot use tokens in text items.

  • There are dedicated features for other types of text that often appear in musical scores, such as tempo marks and dynamics.