Finding Missing Samples

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There might be situations where loaded programs cannot find the samples they use. This can happen if the referenced samples are located on a different drive and the drive name has changed, or because the program was created on a different computer system. In this case, the Find Missing Sample dialog opens.

The dialog displays a list of all samples that are missing, with information regarding the format, size, and creation date.

Search Path

Below the list of missing samples, you can enter the search path to find the missing samples.

Once you have specified the search path, click the Start Search button to initiate the search process.


All subdirectories are searched before the results are displayed. Therefore, the search takes longer if you specify entire drives.

If the search only finds a single result for each missing sample, the sample path is automatically corrected in the program, and the sample disappears from the Missing Files list. If all samples are found, the dialog is closed.

If sample files with the same name are found in more than one location, an additional Found Files list appears below the Missing Files list. This shows the available samples and their file locations.

  • To select a sample or a complete folder that is to be used to resolve the missing samples, double-click it in the Found Files list.

    Each sample or folder that is resolved in this way disappears from the Missing Files list.

Favorite Search Paths

If a path might be helpful for future searches, you can add it to the search path list. The next time the dialog opens, it allows you to select one or multiple predefined paths to specify which places to include in the search.

  • To add a path, click the + sign.

Search Options

By default, Groove Agent SE searches for samples that do not only have the same file name, but also match in terms of time, size, and format information. A sample is considered “found” only if all of the information is identical. However, you can exclude this information by activating the Ignore File Time and Size and Ignore Audio Format and Length options.

If Automatically Start Search is activated, the search starts automatically when the dialog opens.