HALion Help

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The toolbar below the plug-in functions section contains controls for loading multi-programs, for switching between different screen sets, for opening the home screen, and for various useful global functions.
Show Home Screen

Opens the Home Screen, a window where you can select and open a screen set, create a program based on a template, find links to Steinberg websites and news, and more.

Load/Save/Delete Screen Set

Allows you to load, save, and delete screen sets.


Factory presets cannot be deleted.

Open/Save/Delete Window

Allows you to open, save, and delete combinations of windows.

Save Multi-Program

Saves the current set of programs as a multi-program.

Load Multi-Program

Allows you to navigate to and load a multi-program.

Export Multi-Program as VST 3 Preset with Files

Allows you to export the current set of programs together with all required files as VST 3 presets. This way, you can transfer a complete multi-program to another computer, for example.


Programs that use samples from VST Sound containers cannot be exported.

Missing Busses

Opens the Pending Busses dialog, allowing you to resolve issues concerning bus connections.

Find Missing Samples

Opens the Find Missing Samples dialog, allowing you to locate any missing samples for the loaded program.

Global insert, AUX, and FlexPhraser buttons

Use these buttons to switch off all insert effects, AUX effects, and FlexPhrasers for the whole plug-in at once. You can use this to compare sounds with and without effects or to use a preset without the FlexPhrasers, for example.

RAM Save

Allows you to unload unused samples.

Enable MIDI Mapping Selection Options

If this button is activated, played MIDI notes can be used to select zones. This also influences the zone parameters that are displayed in the editors.


This parameter is linked to the corresponding option in the Mapping Editor, allowing you to remote-control the option, even if the Mapping Editor is not visible.

Script Error Indicator/Reset

Lights up if errors occur in a Lua script used by the program. You can click the button to reload and initialize the script. However, if the problems persist, you must repair the script.

MIDI Reset

Click this button to stop playback and reset all MIDI controllers to their default values.


To undo or redo a single operation, click the Undo or Redo buttons. To undo or redo multiple operations, click the arrow next to the button to open the history, and select the step to which you want to return.


The number of available undo/redo operations depends on the Undo Steps setting on the Options page.

Show/Hide Load Panel

Opens the Load panel on the right side of the window.