Statement on activation issues

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Statement on activation issues

Dear customers,

As you most probably have noticed, our license servers have been struggling with the overwhelming demand that has led to problems for many of you activating purchased update and full licenses since yesterday's release of Cubase 11.

We are sincerely sorry for letting you down like this, especially at a time that should be special and full of enjoyment, for you as our loyal customer but also for us as a company who have been working hard to release this version in these challenging times.
Our system was unable to cope with the many activations in this short period of time, and we have to admit to ourselves that our license management system as it stands has reached its capacity limits.

Rest assured, however, that no license has been lost!

To defuse the situation, we have decided to interrupt the sale of new updates until the previously purchased updates have been processed by our license management system. For all of you who have not yet purchased but would like to do so, we kindly ask you to wait and check the Cubase website again for update availability.

If a license activation could not be completed successfully or if the previous license appears to be missing, please be patient and wait until the number of requests has decreased. Then use the 'Maintenance' button in the eLicenser Control Center that is installed as a separate application on your system. This should resume interrupted downloads and can recover apparently missing licenses. If the activation code is required in the eLicenser Control Center, please note that you should find it in your MySteinberg account.