Steinberg Activation Manager: Automatic License Management

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Steinberg Activation Manager: Automatic License Management

The Automatic License Management (formerly Auto Activation) function of the Steinberg Activation Manager ensures that a locally missing license is automatically activated as soon as the corresponding Steinberg program is started.

The prerequisite for successful activation is that the license is available in the linked MySteinberg account. If the license is also missing in the MySteinberg account or if it has already been activated on three computers, Automatic License Management cannot perform an activation.

To activate missing licenses automatically, Steinberg Activation Manager also requires an Internet connection.

If - for whatever reason - you want to exclude automatic license activation and the associated Internet access, you can deactivate this in the Steinberg Activation Manager settings:

  • In the Steinberg Activation Manager, click on the profile icon in the top-right corner.
  • Click on the "Settings" entry in the profile menu.
  • Click on the switch under "Automated License Management".
    The button is blue when the function is active and gray when it is deactivated.

Even if automatic license activation is switched off, you can activate licenses at any time by clicking on the corresponding Activate button on the main page of the Steinberg Activation Manager.